Latest News Availability information - Please contact us on email, or by phone 01323 491821 for the latest availability. If you are looking for spaces before September 2025 you need to book in NOW ... we have very few spaces left 0-3 and only some for 3+

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The Blue Door Nursery is open from 7.30 in the morning until 6.30 in the evening Monday to Friday. We can be contacted at the nursery during these times on 01323 491821. There is an answer-phone which will collect messages if you telephone at any other time, we will get back to you on the next working day. You can email the nursery at any time, just click the link, and we will respond within 24 hours (including holidays and weekends). Our address for correspondence is St. John's Hall, Wilmington Road, Seaford, BN25 2EH.

You must inform the nursery if:

  • Your child is unwell and not attending nursery - this helps us to keep track of the bugs and sniffles that are 'going round' the nursery.
  • Someone different from usual is collecting your child from nursery - we operate a password system for unfamiliar faces collecting children. We will not allow a child to leave nursery without your consent.
  • You are going to be late collecting your child - we are as understanding as we can be about traffic details and unforeseen hold ups. However, as staff must be paid to look after your child later than they would normally expect to we will charge £5 per 15 minutes for late pick ups ( after the first 10 minutes, if you have notified us in advance)

If you are unhappy with the Nursery please come and talk to us first - we will do our best to sort out any problem you have. If we are still not able to resolve your problem to your satisfaction then please see our complaints policy for what to do next (see 'important documents')

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