"The settling in period was handled very well ensuring a happy child and a happy mum!"


"I like playing on the bikes and cars in the garden"


Before your child starts with us on their own we will go through a period of 'settling in' with you and your child. We will welcome you to the nursery for lots of visits and gradually introduce the idea to your child that they will stay at nursery without you. This process can take a few days for some children and a few weeks for others. We will be guided through the settling process by your child and how they are feeling. We will not hurry the settling process. We will talk to you at length about your child's likes and dislikes, about their favourite toys, games and activities and we will encourage you to ask questions and make suggestions to help your child settle.

Each child will be in one of our three age groups, Kittens, Cubs or Lions. You will be introduced to the senior Nursery Nurse who runs each group and you will be introduced to the staff team who work in each age group.

When your child has been at nursery for a few weeks one of the staff from your child's team will telephone you to make sure that you are happy and to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

When your child starts at The Blue Door Nursery please ensure that they have the following items which will be needed on a daily basis:

  • An outdoor coat
  • Some Wellington Boots (Weather depending)
  • A complete change of clothes
  • A sunhat or warm hat (Weather depending)

Please ensure that all items are clearly named! Please put all the items (except coat) in a named, drawstring bag that can be hung on a peg. We have special Blue Door Nursery bags which you can buy at enrolment.

Starting at Blue Door
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