"I love the way that activities are based around themed topics: the creativity and range of topics and activities covered is fantastic"


"I like playing in the garden with my friends"


Every day at The Blue Door Nursery is different although the timetable for the day stays the same. The morning timetable mirrors the afternoon timetable.

When we arrive we have 'Time to play' - children are able to choose activities working with particular friends, siblings or staff members as they wish. Children are encouraged to make independent choices and will often suggest activities themselves and be supported by staff as they carry out their choices. When all the children have arrived and the 'early children' have had their breakfast we get together in our keyworker groups to have circle time. We share ideas and short games, we sing and we take the register - we use Makaton sign language in our circle times.

After circle time we have a fruit snack then we get ready for a story. After story time we have our focussed group time. We work with our key worker on planned activities - the keyworkers are always ready to change activities if someone has a really fabulous idea! After our activity half of us have our lovely lunch while the other half of us play - then we swap over. After lunch some children go home so we sing and sign our goodbye song.

In the afternoon, some children arrive for Nursery so we have circle time again to say hello and welcome them, then we play, have our snack and join our groups for our focused activity time. We sing and sign our goodbye song again, for some of our friends going home, and then we stop for tea. After tea, we have more activities and playing until the end of the day, when we have quiet table games and stories until all the children are collected for home.

Daily Routine
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